Thermal analysis

NEW! 1 Instrument, 6 versions

On the basis of the very successful LABSYS evo thermal analyzers line, SETARAM has developed 6 products with different features and benefits that will best fit your testing needs.

The instruments range from Thermo Gravimetric Analyzers (TGA) and Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers (STA) to Differential Thermal Analyzers / Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DTA/DSC).

For each version, two distinct temperature ranges are available: a cost-effective solution up to 1150°C or a high temperature version up to 1600°C.

They were designed to fulfill the requirements of international standards concerning polymers, rubber, plastics, oils, lubricants and other commonly tested materials.

Find out more on the characteristics and applications of these exiting, user-friendly and robust LABSYS evo thermal analyzers!

LABSYS evo TGA 1150 is typically applied to polymers, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials, other organic substances like coal, oils, lubricants…

LABSYS evo STA 1150 – applies mostly to organic materials when a more into depth understanding of their thermal behavior is necessary.

High temperature LABSYS evo TGA 1600 is particularly necessary to characterize inorganic materials like ceramics, glasses, cermets, nanomaterials, metals, alloys, cements, plaster, minerals, composites…

LABSYS evo STA 1600 is the perfect tool to understand the thermal behavior of materials that are exposed to extreme temperatures during their production, service, or recycling.

Curie points, glass transitions, phase transitions, crystallinity, crystallization temperatures and kinetics, heat capacity, are typical measurements achieved by the LABSYS evo DTA/DSC 1150 and LABSYS evo DTA/DSC 1600

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