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High Pressure TGA up to 1200°C and 150 bar

The THEMYS is the NEW benchmark for modular thermogravimetric analysis. The THEMYS is available in various platforms: Standard Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), high pressure TGA, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) TG/DSC, Differential Thermal Analysis / Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DTA/DSC), and Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA).

The design of the THEMYS is to provide our users with the following: better experimental control, quality results, instrument versatility and ease of use.

technische Daten
General HP TGA
Temperature range RT to 1 200 °C
Programmable heating rate 0.01 to 100 °C/mina
Crucible volumes 1300 µl
Vacuum Primary (< 1mbar), forced primary (< 5.10-2 mbar), secondary vacuum options


Balance  High Sensitivity
Measuring range (mg) Small +/-200
Large +/-2000
Maximum loading capacity  35 g
TGA baseline drift (temperature scanning)b
+/-200 µg
Balance resolution (small range)  0.023 µg

a.Value at Patm, may vary according to pressure / b. Typical data / RT = Room Temperature

Specifications are subject to change


Balance and furnace

THEMYS HP is a robust, flexible high pressure thermogravimetric analyzer featuring:

  • HIGH PRESSURE model, a specific pressure-rated balance. It is designed based on the vertical hang-down principle for the best mass signal accuracy and stability.
  • An alumina protected furnace with a platinum based heating element for isothermal or temperature scanning operations at heating rates up to 100 °C/min. The same furnace and balance cover a temperature and pressure range up to 1 200 °C and 150 bar with the best TGA detection limit. It avoids multiple furnace changes for different samples or test conditions.


The high-performance gas panel specially designed for THEMYS HP TGA is equipped with a dual back pressure regulating device able to accurately control the test pressure during both low and high pressure operations.

Two optional versions equipped with high pressure Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) are available for complex atmosphere control and gas mixtures:

  • Single gas flow control with a 4 to 200 ml/min MFC meant to flow a pure or premixed gas in the THEMYS HP TGA,
  • Advanced control gas panel equipped with two high pressure MFC (Mass Flow Controllers), 3 carrier gas inlets and 1 auxiliary gas inlet.

THEMYS HP is typically applied to the study of pyrolysis, combustion, gasification conditions met in many coal, biomass or waste to energy processes. It is also designed for high temperature and pressure corrosion studies, and more particularly with alloys used in the above mentioned processes.

THEMYS HP is the ideal tool for sorption and desorption analysis in the fields of gas capture and storage, gas sensing materials characterization, or more generally sorbent materials characterization.



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