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High end research and development require more and more specialized analytical equipment. Today, one cannot trust anymore experimental data acquired under conditions that are far away from the true conditions of use of materials. Moreover, researchers want to acquire more and more information from one single experiment.

With SETARAM Instrumentation, you have found the right partner for the customization of your thermal analyzer or your calorimeter in order to tackle with your own research challenges. For more than sixty years, SETARAM has started organizing its R&D service to develop robust and reliable customized instruments compliant with some very specific needs of our clients.

This is now a routine procedure for us: the development efforts can be placed in modifying instruments design, ergonomy, sensors, operation range, electronics, software… Contact us and you’ll recognize you’re talking to people that understand your needs and come out with an appropriate solution for you.

…for specific laboratory conditions
specific laboratory conditions Some applications require very specific laboratory organization in order to deal with hazardous materials, special sample conditioning or pre-treatment. If your laboratory is equipped to meet all those requirements, your instrumentation must be customized to become compatible with these specific operating conditions. SETARAM skills in instrument design, our expertise in sensors, electronics, thermal transfers, materials and the organization of our R&D optimized for developing customized solution can help at tackling any type of challenging condition.See application notes:

TN699 – Adaptation of standard thermal analyzers and calorimeters to nuclear environments

TN704 – Adaptation of standard thermal analyzers and calorimeters to specific laboratory conditions – the space calorimeter

…for specific sample or process conditions
process conditions It may occur that standard instruments are limited in terms of application because of temperature, pressure ranges available, because of the lack of chemical compatibility of some materials against the atmospheres to be tested, or because some functionalities aren’t available.Some studies may not be possible with standard thermal analyzers or calorimeters because of some limitations in terms of pressure, temperature, resistance to corrosive atmospheres, etc. But in many cases, the adaption of a few elements of these analyzers can change the situation and allow fitting them to the needs of such studies.See application notes:

TN701 – Adaptation of standard instruments to stand specific sample and process conditions – corrosive atmospheres

TN702 – Adaptation of standard instruments to reproduce specific process conditions – development of a high temperature fixed bed calorimetric cell

…for multiple simultaneous analyses
simultaneous analyses Coupling analytical methods can be a way to extract more information from a single sample and understand more into depth its chemical / physical behavior, or to obtain simultaneous data under the exact same conditions. But it requires the evolution of standard analyzers so that they can physically fit and that they are not disturbed by their simultaneous operation.See application notes:

TN700 – Adaptation of a standard thermobalance for measurements using multiple simultaneous analytic methods

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